Pandora Launches The Podcast Genome Project

Pandora announced the launch of their new podcast recommendation platform, The Podcast Genome Project today.  The platform, which will act much like their Music Genome Project, will leverage technology to power a new recommendation system that will be combined with human editorial oversight to offer content suggestions for Pandora users.

Pandora was recently acquired by SiriusXM for $3.5 billion — a deal that will likely bring some of SiriusXM’s exclusive audio programming over to Pandora, increasing its lineup of available audio shows. Technology that’s capable of analyzing these sorts of programs for the purpose of recommendations could be useful there, too, in the future.

The personalized podcast destination is launching into beta today to select Pandora users on iOS and Android devices. It will expand to the wider public in the weeks ahead.

The company created the Podcast Genome Project, a play on its Music Genome Project recommendation algorithm for songs, that will enable podcast discovery through Pandora. “We think podcasts represent a fast growing market in terms of listeners but it suffers from a couple of problems, including that discovery is very rudimentary and there is nothing personalized about it,” Pandora Chief Executive Roger Lynch told MarketWatch.